Fun Activities

D Mouse loves adventure and fun, and so do we!

On this page we'll be sharing activities, coloring pages and other opportunities for you to join in with D for learning and fun.


1. Betty Redbreast Meets D Mouse - download JPG or PDF

2. D Mouse - Download JPG or PDF

3. D Becomes a Star - Download JPG or PDF


1. D celebrates with a tasty Christmas cookie - download JPG or PDF

2. D's Candy Cane Wish Comes True - download JPG or PDF

3. O Christmas Tree - download JPG or PDF

4. D Keeps Warm in the Cold - download JPG or PDF


What happens when you fill in the blanks? D's adventures get even more outrageous than ever! Use these Wacky Stories to practice your  understanding of parts of speech - and to have a lot of fun!

Without reading the story first, fill in the blanks with a word that matches the description below the blank (e.g. verb, adjective, noun, etc.).  Then read the story with the words you chose and see what kind of wacky tale you've created!

#1: Betty Redbreast Meets D Mouse - Download PDF